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My child gained a sense of independence and success, really good for self esteem.

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Children’s Therapy (Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy)

Children's Therapy Contact Details

Telephone: 01226 644396

The children's therapy service supports children to maximise their potential in all aspects of daily life. The service works in close partnership with families, carers, schools, nurseries and other professionals.

Paediatric therapists see children in clinics, children’s centres, nurseries, schools and in their homes.

What do we do?

Following assessment of your child’s needs, the following may be offered:

Occupational therapy

  • Intervention and/or advice to promote fine motor skills and coordination
  • Intervention and/or advice to promote visual perceptual skills
  • Intervention and/or advice to promote self care skills
  • Intervention and/or advice to promote sensory processing
  • Assessment and advice regarding equipment and adaptations to aid activities of daily living


  • Intervention and/or advice to promote gross motor skills and co-ordination
  • Intervention and/or advice for physical difficulties (eg weak muscles, painful joints, postural problems)
  • Assessment and advice for specialist equipment for standing and walking


Why would someone choose our service?

  • Assessment and therapy provided in a variety of settings across Barnsley to meet families needs
  • Knowledge and skills to provide excellent outcomes and recovery
  • Excellent links and joint working with other professionals e.g speech and language therapy, dietitians, doctors etc
  • Flexibility in appointment times
  • Various modes of therapy delivery e.g. individual treatment, telephone advice, group sessions.
  • Patient centred approach to treatment
  • Patient satisfaction survey results – 90% rated service as excellent, 10% rated as good
  • 100% families surveyed stated they felt they were given enough time to discuss their concerns with the clinician


To find out more about the paediatric therapy team explore the pages in the menu on the left or visit South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s website