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Normal Variants

Normal variants are seen in children at different ages due to changes that happen in our bones as we grow. This is more obvious in some children than others.

Genu varum


0-2 years - Genu Varum (Bowed legs) 

Physiotherapy will not help bowed legs, no referral is needed

tip toe walking


0-3 years - Toe walking

This is normal up until the age of three.

If your child is over the age of three and toe walking - please refer to Children’s Physiotherapy if they also have leg pains, tight muscles (can’t squat with their heels down) or are not meeting their developmental milestones. Children’s Physiotherapy cannot cure toe walking but can help with symptoms.

Click here for information of how to refer to our service

flat feet

0-7 years - Flat feet

Children do not fully develop the arches in their feet until they are 7 years old. If your child does not have any pain and is meeting their developmental milestones they do not need any treatment.

Here is some advice for choosing footwear and flat feet.

knock knees


2-7 years - Genu valgum (knock knees)

Physiotherapy will not help knock knees, no referral is needed.

If you think your child's knock knees are causing them pain please speak with your GP.



0-10 years - Intoeing

This can happen for a number of reasons, please see this leaflet for more information.